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A Steamy Valentines Day - Shemale and Female Threesome

3D 180° 60 FPS
Studio:  VRB Trans (39 videos)
Starring: Vinna Reed Nikki Vidic
Feb 09, 2018
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Your girlfriend Vinna Reed has a special treat for you today - a trip to the sauna. There's nothing like a good, strong heat to really relax your tired muscles. While you're in there, the two of you meet a new and mysterious friend - a busty woman sitting in the corner named Nikki Vidic. She invites herself into your romantic day - but she's got a rock-hard secret to show the both of you after you've already begun! VRB Trans made a really immersive experience with this one. Some shemale porn is quickly produced or made a little cheaply, but it's easy to tell that a lot of care was put into crafting this virtual reality experience. Hell, even the acting is pretty believable under what can only be called an unbelievable circumstance. It's the closest thing to your threesome, shemale-female fantasy that you'll ever get to live - and you can't miss this one!

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