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The Co-Worker's Cock

3D 180° 60 FPS
Studio:  TSVirtualLovers (59 videos)
Starring: Antonia Sainz Yulia Masakowa
Feb 01, 2019
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The Co-Worker's Cock

by TSVirtualLovers


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Yulia is a cool co-worker – the kind you – Antonia Sainz would just love to take home in a heartbeat. It is no secret that you have always had the hots for her when you mingled around the company water cooler day after day. As she sits down on the comfy sofa, and you sit across from her, you look deeply into each other’s eyes, while sipping hot freshly made tea. Next thing you know, Julia’s foot stretches onto your lap, revealing her black lace garter belt. You start massaging her feet to her great delight, then suddenly her legs spread out, revealing a meaty cock, which you immediately gawk at and start wrapping your feet around – treating her to one satisfying cock massage. That opens the floodgates to a blow job both of you knew would happen one day. Next on the order of the day is some intense tongue-fucking action, followed by deep penetration from every which angle, crowned by a fountain of jizz that punctuates the co-worker visit.

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