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Black Widow - Busty Hardcore Shemale POV

3D 180° 60 FPS
Studio:  VRBTrans (93 videos)
Starring: Kimber Lee
May 03, 2019
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Black Widow

by VRBTrans


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Big tits, hard cock, thick thighs, and long legs. Who doesn't want to buy what Kimber Lee is selling? VRBTrans is giving you a special VR experience when you get this incredible, world-famous shemale all to yourself. She's not shy teenager, either! When you et in bed with Kimber Lee you're guaranteed all the depravity that you can stand, pushing your own sexual limits as she presses your cocks together and wraps those delicate fingers around them to stroke them off together. Once she thinks you're nice and ready, you'll spread your legs wide and let her take your ass just like you've always dreamed of. This is the purists out there - the guy who want the hardest of hardcore shemale experiences. You'll be dying to reach through your headset and grab those massive tits of her while they shake as she fucks you. The only question is... who's gonna' cum first? Only one way to find out, and Kimber Lee is waiting for you just on the other side of that "play" button!

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